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Locality Reviews

The LR is a one-day process for local areas as part of the national strategy to tackle serious youth violence. It works as a broad-brush set of interviews and focus groups with front-line practitioners to gather information, knowledge and perception whilst building a qualitative picture of the key issues and drivers around county lines, gangs, youth violence and vulnerability. It is a rapid evidential assessment process that focuses on violence and vulnerability.

The review reflects the information gathered from the practitioner interview time table and often highlights communication issues as well as potential gaps and barriers to identification and effective intervention.

Conducting an LR:

The cost of this work is match-funded by the Home Office. Please contact us for further details and availability

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Strategic Framework Reviews

Locality reviews help partnerships understand issues around gangs, violence and vulnerability through a practitioners’ eyes. However, in order to ensure that work to tackle serious youth violence is effective, there needs to be a common county-wide or regional approach that is both planned and managed through a strategic framework.

This framework outlines what’s achievable across the county with consensus that this is a new type of challenge with the following ingredients and players.

This requires the active involvement of the PCC and police, but also community safety, public health, health and well-being boards, schools, children’s services and adult social services. The framework establishes county wide common principles and activity based around 5 themes -

- Understanding the nature of the threat posed by gangs around violence and vulnerability.
- This is about leadership, vision, partnerships, performance management and target monitoring.
Enforcement/Cross Border Working
– This requires a review about procedures and activities, and a re-assessment the tools and powers that are effective in tackling the rise in exploitation, trafficking and modern slavery.
- Preventing young people from becoming involved with gangs, violence and vulnerability.
- This work is also about safeguarding and protecting vulnerable people, who are being exploited by gangs/groups.

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Download our Strategic Framework to reduce violence and vulnerability as a PDF

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